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Advertising material:

The Country Music Corralled Web Site is primarily set up for non-commercial purposes only.  The Website Manager/Editor reserves the right to edit or reject any contributions that appear to be mainly advertising for private businesses or organisations.  Although it is often not possible to write articles with no "free plugs" included, if an article is clearly primarily aimed at attracting business custom, it may be edited or rejected, unless previously approved & authorised in writing from the Website Manager Editor.


All contents  including  photos/images  within  this  site are  the  property of  Country Music Corralled or  Country Music and  some  copyrighted to its  contributors.  By downloading contents  from  Country Music Corralled,  it will be deemed that you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions, as set our below and that you have Agreed with the following:

Site Name/Logo:

The Country Music Corralled  name,  logo  and  other  associated  -  specific  imagery  are  the  property  of  Country Music Corralled.  None of  these items/images can be used in association with any money making venture, advertising  campaign, nor  sold  or  transferred  to  a  third  party,  without  prior  written  consent  from  Country Music Corralled and can never be used for verification as an endorsement of consent of use of another person/s image/s without written consent from Country Music Corralled.


Most contents including photos/images on this website are free of copyright, meaning that they can be reused and reprinted anywhere else for personal or non commercial use only. (see also section 2.) You May Not: 2.1 - 2.3.2 inclusive)

The exception is for contributed articles or photos/images in which the author has requested copyright protection.  For such articles or photos/images, anyone wishing to download or reprint all or part of these articles or photos/images, must firstly request prior permission and have received written (email) consent from Country Music Corralled before taking any action on copyrighted articles or photos/images from this site.

Other than copyrighted content (which may incur the possibility of a charge from the contributor) all other downloads are free of charge.

Obligation of Use:

1. A credit for the use of any content downloaded from this site by a link back to Country Music Corralled would be    appreciated.  You may copy any of the following: Country Music Corralled or use the Logo and Paste them on your site.                      

​2. You MAY NOT:

2.1  Sell or  redistribute  any  content,  photos  or images  downloaded  from  this site in any form modified,  unmodified, standalone or combined  with  another product  without prior written (email) consent from Country Music Corralled. Using  the  photos or images in website  templates, on  postcards,  mugs  etc. doesn’t  count  as  selling  or  redistribution, however  you are  not  allowed  to build  a gallery using  the content  including photos/images you have downloaded from Country Music Corralled.
2.2  Claim content, photos or images  down loaded from Country Music Corralled as your own compiled work, or...

     2.2.1  Sub-license,  assign, or transfer this license to anyone else  without   prior   written  (email)  consent  from  us.

2.3  Use any content, photos or images found herein for the purposes of defamation, discrimination, victimisation of other persons, societies, cultures, or.....

     2.3.1  Use to promote adult oriented products (eg. websites,magazines, or other advertising mediums) and any dating services, or.....

     2.3.2. Use in any connection with or in promotion of:- any form of drug product, or in the sale of drugs as a seller, re-seller or retailer.


1. No liability or responsibility is taken by the Website Manager/Editor for the accuracy of any material on the Website pages used by individuals, groups, contributors, or anyone else connected with Country Music Corralled.   We do our best to check facts, but if there's something wrong, please tell us via the Website email address:

2. No liability or responsibility is taken by the Website Manager/Editor, individuals, groups, contributors, or anyone else connected with Country Music Corralled for the appearance of any inaccurate content or libelous information that you have attained, from links that you have used, via links from these web pages.

Other legal problems:

In particular, the website Country Music Corralled or website Manager/Editor cannot, in any way, be held responsible for any plagiarism, infringement of copyright, title, slogan, trademark, trade name, service mark, or intellectual property rights, resulting from material included in this website, nor for any unauthorised use of material from this website, by others.


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